Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I study Spanish in Costa Rica?

There are many different countries in the world where one can study Spanish. Costa Rica, however, offers some unique advantages. Costa Rica is known around the world for its stable, democratic government. After abolishing its army in 1948, Costa Rica funneled a large portion of its national budget toward education and health care; today, the country boasts the highest literacy rate in Latin America, and a high-quality educational and health system.

Costa Rica also is home to tremendous biodiversity. The country is teeming with wildlife and natural beauty, allowing visitors to climb a mountain volcano in the morning and relax on the beach in the afternoon. Costa Rica has a long-standing commitment to environmental conservation; about 13 percent of the country is dedicated to national parks, and over 25 percent is protected in the form of biological and environmental reserves.

Why should I study at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica?

Founded, owned and operated by Romy Morales and her family, CPI provides the best combination of high quality intensive language study, warm family atmosphere, and a safe environment at all three campuses: Heredia, Monteverde and Flamingo.

With programs for students of all ages and skill levels – from zero Spanish to advanced speakers - emphasizing effective learning in an intimate setting of no more than 4 students per class, along with three different locations in Costa Rica: San Joaquin Flores, Monteverde Cloud Forest, Playa Flamingo, CPI is undoubtedly your best choice!Ensuring individualized attention coupled with the ability to choose either one of three locations OR all three, you can experience the best of what Costa Rica has to offer.Thanks to our effective methodology many CPI students claim they learned more Spanish through our immersion program than in traditional high school and college classes.Is your goal to have an amazing learning vacation while becoming more fluent and speaking Spanish more confidently?Then the CPI experience is for you!

How long are the CPI Spanish programs in Costa Rica? When can I start my Spanish immersion experience?

All CPI programs at each CPI campus – Heredia typical town, Monteverde Cloud Forest & Flamingo Beach - are separated into week-long segments.  While the minimum number of weeks to study is 1 week at your campus of choice, on average students tend to study 3 to 5 weeks and divide their studies between 2 or all 3 CPI sites.  The average however is a general parameter and students may enroll for as many consecutive weeks as fits their schedule. CPI has hosted students with the goal of perfecting their Spanish and gaining a deep understanding of the Costa Rican culture up to 6 months. All of our Spanish classes for all linguistic levels – whether for our Intensive (4 hours per day) or Super Intensive (5 ½ hours per day) programs or our specialized professional options begin on any given Monday (with the exception of holidays).

How quickly will I learn Spanish with CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica?

Language acquisition depends greatly on an individual's desire and motivation to learn, the amount of time dedicated to homework and conversation practice outside of class, as well as the student’s general ability to learn a second language (this is positively influenced by having studied a second language before - for instance, students who have studied French have an easier time grasping certain grammatical concepts). Generally, in 4 weeks of study while staying with a homestay family, students can ascend one skill level in Spanish fluency (meaning, if you speak Spanish at a low beginner level now, after 4 weeks you might speak at a low intermediate level).  CPI manages all Spanish levels from Beginner zero through Heritage speakers.

What is the recommended length of stay at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica? How many hours of Spanish instruction are best?

That depends on your individual goals for learning Spanish. You may study for as little as one week; however, we recommend a minimum study period of two weeks. The 5.5-hour program is offered for those students who desire additional practice in conversation.

Recommendation on length of stay would depend on each person’s individual goals for learning Spanish. You may study for as little as one week to get a jump start on fine tuning your current Spanish skills or perhaps as a means of introducing yourself to the Spanish immersion experience for later extended study. Of course, if your goal is to progress at a quicker pace then a study period of two weeks would be a minimum.  On average our students stay at CPI for 3 or 4 week; however, serious learners with defined linguistic goals may decide to stay on for 3 months. It is quite common for students to study at CPI for 4 weeks; continue from home through our live format on-line sessions; and then return to CPI for additional full immersion blocks. 

How does dividing my time among the three locations work at CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica?

Students have the option of studying, by weekly sessions, at each of our CPI Spanish immersion campuses: the small residential area of San Joaquín de Flores just outside the university town of Heredia, the Monteverde Cloud Forest, and Flamingo Beach along the pristine Guanacaste coast. Even at its outset, CPI envisioned being able to offer a choice of locations so our students could experience the cultural and ecological diversity of Costa Rica.

With a disciplined dedication to the establishment of continuity both academically and through our student services, CPI created a trilogy of consistency in the quality of the CPI experience so those students interested in dividing their time between 2 or all 3 CPI campuses could do so with the utmost confidence. Your academic progress is never compromised when dividing your time between CPI sites; with a smooth transition, you pick up on Monday exactly where you left off on Friday (no retesting required), regardless of campus.

Who typically attends CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica?

CPI attracts students from many different backgrounds and from all over the world. The average age range of our students is approximately 13 to 70. Our students include people of all ages, including college students, professionals and travelers, families, children, as well as retired couples. The majority of the students are university students, professionals and some are in their golden years. Most of our students are from North America - United States and Canada. We also have students from Brazil and Europe - Switzerland, France, England, Japan and Germany.