Spanish Onsite Programs

We offer Spanish immersion for those who wish to embark upon a lifetime adventure, experience and connect to another culture, and learn Spanish as a second language.

All programs are a minimum of one week, running from Monday to Friday. The CPI Academic Coordinator tests your level on-line through both a written exam and brief conversation.

CPI students always are amazed how quickly they learn to actually speak Spanish!

The 20 hour per week program is designed to allow adequate time to undertake activities outside of the classroom and is organized as follows: 

  • 8:00 - Class begins 
  • 8:00 - 10:00 Class time 
  • 10:00 - 10:20 Coffee break 
  • 10:20 - 12:00 Class time 
  • 12:00 - Class ends/free time to explore or take tours 

Why CPI offers the best Onsite Spanish Program?

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Fast tracked learning with maximum 4 students per class.

Online hybrid: option of online pre prior to travel to Costa Rica and continuation post immersion

3 beautiful, in-country campuses offering personalized, flexible programs for all ages and levels

Highest academic quality: certified by Instituto Cervantes

Not ready to travel? Keep your Spanish going with CPI LIVE ONLINE SPANISH CLASSES

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Featured Spanish Programs

The maximized combo by studying Spanish at 3 amazing locations -- language, culture, and fun all-in-one!

Tuition of the Onsite Program includes placement test (written & verbal) and the didactic materials necessary for your linguistic advancement. All onsite students also receive the following free services: first day orientation, free weekly cultural activities, small snack with beverage during the break, bilingual staff support, tours reservation assistance, and wireless connection.

On campus we have created spaces for student enjoyment -- lovely gardens, as well as on-site recreational areas: CPI Flamingo has a swimming pool, CPI Monteverde has a small jet pool; and CPI Heredia has a soccer field and basketball/volleyball court.

Our mini groups are maximum 4 students per class, average 2 and 3. If  you sign up for group classes and you are the only student in your group level, the same 20 hour group rate applies. During high season (June-July), some groups may have a maximum 5 students per class.

Lodging and tours are an additional cost.


The CPI®ESSENTIAL PROGRAM is for all ages and levels available year round, personalized 4 hours a day Spanish classes with a maximum of 4 students and three campuses in beautiful locations: Heredia, Monteverde and Flamingo.

Our Essential Program is the ideal study abroad for those who want to study intensive Spanish and still have time for exploring the country and experience endless adventure opportunities. To enhance your cultural experience, you can stay with a Costa Rican homestay. You can also opt for our CPI Apartments and Partner Hotels. Lodging options are available through all 3 of our campus: Heredia – City Life, Monteverde – Cloud Forest, and Flamingo – Tropical Beach.

1 week Spanish classes: US$490.00

CPI Pura Vida Program

You’ve probably heard Pura Vida every time someone mentions Costa Rica. More than a saying, the mindset of “don’t worry be happy” is the true essence of the Pura Vida lifestyle. Following this laidback philosophy, our 10 hour/week program will provide you with Spanish Immersion at a chill pace. By studying for 2 hours a day, you will have more opportunity to explore Costa Rica, a country with lush valleys and crystal blue shores. While taking it slow, you will learn through context, culture, and through the memories you will be creating. Learn beyond the academic and get ready to live the way of life Costa Ricans are known for.

1 week Spanish classes: US$245.00

Private Classes

At each campus, CPI Spanish also offers intensive one-on-one classes in which receive more directed attention or may study in greater detail a specific topic of choice. 

1 week: US$ 612

You also may combine group classes in the morning and add private classes in the afternoon to focus on specific subjects of interest, profession, or to prepare for a test. Scheduling is personalized and flexible from 2 private hours up to as many hours as preferred.  

Price per hour: US $30.6 

For people working online remotely, why not include Spanish classes as part of a Costa Rica experience? The flexible scheduling of our private class program include Survival Spanish through Advanced or Professional Spanish.

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Spanish Program for Longer Stays

Picture a Spanish program were perpetual travelers and remote workers can study Spanish at their own pace, for a defined number of hours in your own schedule, while still having time to do their professional work, personal errands and explore Costa Rica. CPI offers are avant-garde Spanish Program for Longer Stays, perfect for the digital nomads or expats currently residing in the country. Step away from your corporate office and step into our classrooms. Learn about language, culture and be part of a global community that is studying with CPI.

Our Student Service’s Department will inform you of events and cultural activities in the area, how to join the gym, hiking clubs, sports & arts clubs, and many more activities to meet other Ticos.

Co-working: Enjoy the CPI facilities while remote working or studying in our campus. Meet other peers and create new ideas and, of course, practice Spanish with the friendly staff at each CPI.

Calling all programmers, content creators, writers, designers, developers, and every other enthusiastic individual to join us in this adventure of working remotely, living, and learning Spanish in Costa Rica.

  • 20 private hours: $580.00
  • 30 private hours: $825.00
  • 40 private hours: $1.040.00

Breaking news! Costa Rica’s government has doubled the maximum stay in Costa Rica from 90 days to 180 days for: tourists, students, and business visitors who are part of Group One, currently include the United States and Canada, among others.

On-line and on-site HYBRID

Program aligned with your schedule by combining live format Spanish classes with on-site immersion (at one, two or all three CPI locations) for a maximized and enjoyable learning experience.

Online mini course: $153 + 1 week CPI Essential Program: US$490 =  US $643 total 

University Credits for CPI Spanish Classes

University students travelling to Costa Rica may earn transfer college credits (2 up to 12 total) while studying at one or all three of our fantastic CPI locations in Costa Rica. CPI Spanish classes earn New Mexico State University (NMSU) credits for both undergraduate and graduate credits.

Are you a professor who wants to bring your students for a cultural and linguistic experience? CPI collaborates with numerous university professors accompanying their student group. For some university groups the primary focus is Spanish language acquisition and for others, Spanish coupled with a professional focus, such as medical Spanish, Spanish for Social Workers or Business Spanish. For more information about Groups at CPI Costa Rica.

1 week: US$ 612

Other Popular Options

Uniquely crafted CPI programs for a specialized learning experience (from 1 week or more).

Retirement Travel

An educational travel option designed for seniors with a small group, boutique dynamic. An opportunity to exercise the mind with Spanish classes and rejuvenate the spirit through tours, taking in the culture and natural beauty of this unique paradise.

For retirees planning to live long-term in Costa Rica, CPI assists with the journey! Participants learn Spanish at own pace and at the same time experience and achieve a greater understanding of the culture. While studying have the leisure to visit the areas which are of interest for relocation. Check out our TOP PROGRAMS. For more information about legal and immigration issues, we recommend the following link:

1 week CPI essential program: US$ 490

Spanish for Professionals

Spanish for Professionals: Business, Social Work, Medical, Public Safety, Pastoral, Spanish Teacher . Available at all three CPI campuses, a learning experience with engaging, private Spanish lessons includes a professional focus while enjoying Costa Rica. Practical situations are enacted to provide the opportunity to use Spanish in the respective professional field.Outside class, participants are able to go on excursions to visit the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica permitting a well-balanced mix of learning, culture, and fun while at CPI Costa Rica.

Organized in 4-hour sessions daily (Monday – Friday), this specialized course is ideal for the advanced beginner level and higher, if a complete or low to mid-beginner, the recommendation is to initiate with group classes and end with the professional course.

Business Spanish Program

CPI's Business Spanish Program aims to develop business focused language skills for: business students, people already employed in this area, those seeking new opportunities, or entrepreneurs considering business development and expansion.

Business Spanish for Professionals provides insight into Latin American business culture, utilizing Costa Rica as a case study and through site-visits, with introduction.

1 week: US$ 612

Social Work Spanish Program

CPI designed social work program directed to professionals working in the social service system in culturally diverse environments to help ensure better communication with and support of clients.

Program highlights include Spanish classes with relevant specialized vocabulary, client dialogues, as well as important elements of multicultural awareness, and the expansion of cultural understanding, in addition to professional talks and visits to the local social service community.

1 week: US$ 612

Medical Spanish Program

Our program successfully assists medical professionals to become more effective health care providers through medical Spanish-language development coupled with the opportunity to augment cultural sensitivity through complete Spanish immersion in native Latin American culture.

All grammar topics are taught in the context of medical terminology and expressions. The goal of this course is for students to have the necessary language skills in order to provide quality health care to Spanish speakers. Any person who works o study in the health care field can take this specialized course to learn Spanish with emphasis on medical vocabulary. 

1 week: US$ 612 

Medical Observation

If you are a med student or health professional, CPI Heredia Campus offers the great opportunity to visit hospitals and clinics. The Medical Observation is offered from Monday to Friday in the mornings, and the Medical Spanish Program will be taught in the afternoons, from 3pm to 5pm. Your medical Spanish class will be centered on your medical area of interest. You will also be able to clarify any doubts that came up regarding language during the Medical Observation, as well as emphasize any topic of concern about Costa Rica’s Health System. The total cost for the Medical Spanish & Observation is $890 per week. It includes daily transportation to the Medical Centers.

Public Safety Spanish Program

The ideal professional development program for individuals working in the areas of public safety, public service, and police forces, owing to the increased frequency of Spanish in various communities.

Being functional in a second language provides a unique level of community support not only linguistically but also culturally. This intensive CPI Spanish course, coupled with professional law enforcement visits within the localities, assists in enhancing individual performance back home in an increasingly multi-cultural ambience.

1 week: US $612

Pastoral Spanish Program

A custom-designed Spanish immersion program for Catholic clergy and chancery & social justice staff focused on perfecting Spanish skills to meet the needs of Hispanic congregations. Spanish language classes concentrate on ministry, biblical terminology, as well as cultural aspects of Catholic life in a Latin American country.

1 week: US$ 612

Spanish Professor Programs

With 30+ years of experience, CPI Costa Rica is the Spanish language expert! The CPI teaching methodology meets international standards, as demonstrated by CPI being accredited by the Cervantes Institute.

Our popular Spanish Teacher Program, sharing our vast knowledge, successful methodology, and state-of-the-art didactic materials both in the classroom and on-line, CPI prepares professors to step into the classroom with various instructional applications that can easily be modified to meet the needs of any student. Taught completely in Spanish, professors fine-tune linguistic capacities and perfect teaching techniques.

A great second offering is the 6 graduate level credits Master’s and Professional Development Course (CEUs) facilitated certain summers (contact us for dates and prices) through New Mexico State University (NMSU). The CPI-NMSU MA Spanish Course provides in 2 weeks a unique opportunity to broaden cultural perspective, increase language proficiency, and revolutionize teaching while enjoying amazing Costa Rica. At its conclusion, participants are ready to bring to the classroom focus on communication strategies and real-world applications.

1 week: US$612

Other Professional Spanish Program

If your profession or interest is not specifically noted, our private class model is a terrific option!

1 week: US$612

Family Travel

Embark upon the perfect family holiday full of life-long memories with dynamic Spanish immersion classes organized in the same schedule by linguistic level and age (4+): adults with adults; children with other children & teens with other teens. CPI Spanish welcomes single parents and couples with children; the CPI ambience is friendly to all modern family dynamics.

CPI Costa Rica helps plan your entire experience! Afternoons and week-ends are for fun and adventure in family while discovering eco-diverse Costa Rica on an unforgettable tropical vacation. Accommodations are available in host families and apartments. If the preference for adults is to work virtually or relax while children are in Spanish classes, this program is the perfect fit (babysitting services available). A Spanish immersion vacation is easier in every way with CPI Costa Rica!

1 week: US$ 490 per person 

Teen Camp 

Our famous Spanish Teen Camp for High School students empowers the future generation of Spanish Speakers. Offered only during summer vacation, Teen students of ages 13-17 will expand their cultural and academic awareness through a combination of Spanish classes in the mornings and tours in the afternoons and weekends. Throughout all our 3 campuses – located in the city, beach, and cloud forest - campers will live in a homestay with a Costa Rican host family. Their safety is our priority; therefore, we assign each group a chaperone that will assist both campers and their parents.

Different dates are available to study at any of our 3 distinct locations: Heredia, for culture and community; Flamingo, for water enthusiasts; and Monteverde, for a nature eco-focus. Encourage your Teen to create memories of a lifetime with other campers and to always travel with purpose. Contact us for more information about this summer’s itinerary.

  • 1 week Heredia campus: $1,599.00
  • 1 week Monteverde campus: $1,599.00
  • 1 week Flamingo campus: $1,755.00

Dive Certification

In as little as one week become diver certified and perfect your Spanish! CPI Flamingo offers the unique opportunity to combine Spanish immersion with an Open Water Diver Certification course through the most recognized scuba center along the Pacific Coast.

15 hours one-on-one Spanish classes + Dive certification = US$1,085

Surf Program

Spanish + SURF + Fun in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Flamingo/Tamarindo and surrounding beaches. For beginners or more advanced, the CPI Surf Camp is ideal for all levels.

15 hours one on one Spanish classes + Surf course = US$885

Preparation program for DELE exam at CPI Costa Rica

Because preparation is key to success, CPI Costa Rica has created a program model that is easily customized to your personal needs and abilities, permitting the professor to systematically clear up individual doubts about DELE exam topics. Our DELE preparation course starts with a placement test; based on results, the evaluator recommends the appropriate DELE exam level. The program includes oral and written exercises along with extensive practice taking past DELE exams.

Success in passing the DELE exam goes beyond speaking Spanish, it is essential to master certain exam techniques. Our native Spanish CPI professors have mastered all Instituto Cervantes training courses to teach the different topics covered in the DELE exam; for example: writing an essay, writing a letter, specific vocabulary, discussion of cultural and political topics, and current events, just to name a few.

1 week: US$535.00

Where will I stay? With a local host family, apartment, or hybrid of both options?

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Perfect Locations

Explore Costa Rica as you study Spanish at CPI

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Bring a Group : CPI Spanish, your Costa Rica expert!

Learn Spanish outside the walls: our 30+ years of language immersion experience results in the planning of amazing in-country group tours!

Planning a group trip with CPI Costa Rica provides peace of mind knowing that students are traveling to one of the best Spanish schools in Latin America! At CPI Costa Rica the linguistic and cultural experience is maximized with participants discovering the Essential Costa Rica through studying Spanish at one or all three of our campuses, enjoying cultural activities, volunteerships, and weekend excursions. Our Groups Department custom creates itineraries based on the location (s) chosen, the desired cultural and adventure activities, while working to maximize budgets by negotiating discount rates with the most reputable, safety-oriented companies.

Our continued success proves that we provide special attention to each group of students, while our extensive in-country experience allows us to provide extraordinary care while planning each detail of the ideal travel adventure. Each group benefits from the support of our bilingual staff starting with the planning of the customized trip and continuing until we bid our visitors farewell just prior to the departure flight!

We create and execute remarkable immersion experiences for groups of all demographics:

  • Primary & Middle School Groups
  • High School Groups
  • University Groups
  • Other: church & volunteer groups
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Why CPI Costa Rica Groups:

  • Creation of customized in-country group tours, always with safety as a priority.
  • Pre-trip support and program orientation for participants.
  • On-site support to ensure a flawless execution of itinerary through constant communication between campus staff, visiting group leaders and assigned group assistants.
  • Proven dedication to the highest quality of customer service.

If you have 8 or more participants, please contact Jonle Sedar at to begin planning your Spanish immersion adventure!