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Planning a future adventure? Or have you fallen in love with the Spanish language during previous trips?

The CPI Virtual Online options, and our native Spanish teachers specialized in online education, bring Costa Rica to you anywhere and at any time!

Costa Rican Spanish is one of the best in the world and CPI offers online Spanish classes for all ages and levels, including flexible, customized Spanish programs for professionals, groups for kids & teens, and even literature workshops. Our tried-and-true methodology makes it easy and fun for students to practice their Spanish skills and make new friends.

Since 2014: it’s our extensive EXPERIENCE online that sets CPI Virtual classes apart!

Why CPI offers the best Online Spanish Program?

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Experienced, native Spanish professors

ALL ages & ALL skill levels from anywhere on your preferred electronic device

Effective CPI methodology applied to modern online learning platforms

Academic advancement within program supervised by Academic Director

Check out our top Spanish online programs

Mini online courses one-on-one Spanish classes

This mini online course is a great introduction to a dynamic and effective way of learning Spanish. Additionally, the mini-Spanish online course can be a conduit to focus on specific, professional, or specialized vocabulary, or even to prepare for a test.

  • 5 hours: US $153
  • 7.5 hours: US $225

Regular online courses one-on-one classes

Looking for more consistency in your Spanish language journey? The extended contact time provided through our regular online Spanish course permits self-paced advancement through linguistic levels. Professors assist in strengthening and solidifying both communicative abilities and comprehension capacities over 10-week modules. You will be amazed at how much you learn in a relatively short amount of time!

  • 10 hours: US $280.00
  • 15 hours: US $405.00
  • 20 hours: US $520.00

Intensive online courses one-on-one classes

This intensive Spanish course permits students to maximize time and learn at a faster pace. CPI can provide a free assessment of current linguistic level and the suggested amount of hours per week to achieve set goals. This CPI intensive Spanish online option affords a special level of consistency, especially where participants are professionally required to reach a certain linguistic level in a determined period of time. Or maybe the goal is to perfect Spanish and now the time is right; this offering is the closest to immersion on-site!

  • 30 hours: US $750.00
  • 40 hours: US $960.00

Online Spanish Program for Kids & Teens

These courses, taught by a native Spanish teacher with experience in online education, encourage active participation through hand’s-on didactic activities. Our tried-and-true methodology makes it easy and fun for students to practice their Spanish skills in a variety of contexts. In the case of teens, offerings can include the preparation for IB, AP or other exams. 

  • 10 hours one on one course: US $280.00

Future travel to Costa Rica? Hybrid your Spanish Learning journey with CPI ONSITE SPANISH CLASSES

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Other options

Group classes program

Our group courses are designed for students of all ages and language levels to develop or perfect their oral abilities in the Spanish language to efficiently interact with other students and native speakers in different social contexts.

In these courses students will also revise diverse grammar contents, be able to understand, and produce different oral and written texts related to the academic or professional fields according to their language competencies which will be assessed through an online written and verbal assessment prior to course start.

Have fun learning with other students in small groups of 6 and minimum 2.

 10 hours group course: US $204.00

Online preparation program for DELE exam

Spanish offers an online preparation course for the DELE exam. Recommended for professionals (business and Spanish) and students, the "Diplomas de Español DELE are issued by the Instituto Cervantes of Spain to officially accredit Spanish level.

  • 5 hours one on one course: US $153

Online & Onsite Spanish Hybrid Program

Program aligned with your schedule by combining live format Spanish classes with on-site immersion (at one, two or all three CPI locations) for a maximized and enjoyable learning experience.

  • Online mini course: $153 + 1 week CPI Essential Program: $490 = US $643

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