Why Costa Rica?

The tropical exuberance of Costa Rica renovates your spirit & CPI Spanish expands your mind!

Come to the best of both: a premier tourist destination and the top Spanish immersion program in Latin America.

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Costa Rica & CPI

In a small, tropical country that offers it all, CPI Spanish maximizes your adventure; see the most of Costa Rica in a short amount of time, while experiencing the PURA VIDA lifestyle.

There is no doubt that Pura Vida is practically synonymous with Costa Rica, but another word very close to the Costa Rican identity is how its inhabitants are called and also call themselves: “Ticos”. The origin arises from the ancient custom of adding the diminutive “tico” or “tica” to adjectives. For example, instead of “chiquito” (small), “chiquitico.” And that reflects a lot of what it means to be a small population and also in a small country.

That way of speaking in diminutive is no longer used, but “Tico” and “Tica” remained as a nice way of calling Costa Ricans and in association, of course, with the unforgettable “Pura Vida”.

Costa Rica Highlights

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A natural land bridge with 5% of entire world biodiversity in 51,100 km2, with 50% of landmass covered in forest.

Defender of diverse ecosystems with ¼ of entire territory protected in private & public reserves.

Universal health care & 98% literacy rate in a gender equal population of 5 million.

Meet the friendliest people on the planet!

Since 1948 a tradition of peace and example to the world.

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We are a Costa Rican institute, with the goal of being the best in Latin American and a vision that goes beyond language acquisition to allow your expansion of cultural capacities through experiences.

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With 30+ years, CPI is internationally recognized and the selected provider in Costa Rica for prestigious universities and organizations.